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→  To help the elderly and specially abled kids to fight dementia

How to Create the QR?

  • Step 1: Click on register to Create QR pendant.

  • Step 2: Make your account .

  • Step 3: Fill all the details carefully.

  • Step 4: Tie this QR pendant to your beloved elderly and specially abled kids.

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Dementia and Alzheimer's disease inflict immense suffering, affecting memory and cognition. In India, approximately 8.8 million people battle these conditions, experiencing memory loss and frequently getting lost, even struggling to find their way home. Project Chetna recognizes this plight and seeks to alleviate their suffering.

For individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer's, the gradual loss of memory power is a heartbreaking reality. Everyday tasks become daunting challenges, and the familiar becomes unfamiliar. Getting lost, even in familiar surroundings, becomes distressingly common. The anxiety and disorientation experienced in such situations is immeasurable, leaving individuals vulnerable to accidents and exploitation.

Project Chetna proposes an innovative solution to this problem - QR tags. These small, scannable codes, when attached to personal belongings, offer a lifeline of information. By scanning the QR tag with a smartphone or dedicated device, immediate access to medical and contact information becomes possible. In moments of disorientation or when individuals are lost, their QR tag can provide essential details, such as their medical condition, emergency contacts, and home address.

The implementation of QR tags for dementia and Alzheimer's patients can significantly reduce the risks associated with uncertain situations. Caregivers, bystanders, or emergency responders can quickly identify individuals by scanning the QR tag, enabling prompt action. Access to medical information facilitates appropriate care and intervention, ensuring their well-being and safety.

Project Chetna strives to empower elderly and specially abled kids by raising awareness about QR tags and advocating for their widespread use. QR tags provide a sense of security for both individuals and their families, allowing them to navigate the world with increased confidence. By equipping medical professionals and emergency responders with immediate access to crucial information, we can enhance the overall safety and well-being of those affected by dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Project Chetna, through the implementation of QR tags, aims to alleviate the suffering of the 8.8 million people battling dementia and Alzheimer's in India, ensuring their safety and well-being.]

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